Elle Daniel

Linda Daniel is an artist and innovative entrepreneur who transforms interiors with her creative designs. She founded Elle Daniel, Inc, a lampshade design firm, when she discovered there were few alternative options to the common white shade. Elle Daniel provides signature shades using eye-popping vintage and contemporary fabrics that result in whimsical alternatives to the mundane. In a world full of machine-made and cookie-cutter designs, Linda’s handcrafted and custom lamp shades truly shine. Customers have given their rooms spectacular makeovers simply by replacing old shades with custom shades by Elle Daniel. Each Elle Daniel shade is handmade and signed by the artist, and is an extension of Ms. Daniel’s natural flair to delight and surprise her clients around the world.

A woman with an array of creative talents, Linda left her career as a successful political fundraiser in Washington, D.C. to fulfill her calling as an artist in Sarasota. Linda is from a family of successful entrepreneurs, so she knew how much hardwork and dedication would be involved in starting her own business as a lampshade designer. Although Linda is relatively new to her career as a lampshade designer, her shades have already been featured in “Sarasota Day” and the “Jewels on the Bay Designer Showhouse 2014.” See her gorgeous work at www.elledaniel.com

Linda has been a member of the Sarasota chapter of IDS for about two years now and she loves being a part of a fabulous design community. She says the designers in IDS are extremely talented, and it is a joy to be around good-natured members who help one another.

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